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Openmips-4.2_Ferrari-SSL88F_DM800_20141122_RAED 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret
    Clean and Faster image For Internal and External Flash
    Patched Under Ubunut

    -Image for GIGABlue
    -Converted & Patched to Ferrari DM800HD Boxes
    -LCD panel fixed
    -Opkg feed fixed
    -Added Softcams panel setup
    -Added extra feed for softcams
    -Added last drivers 20131228-r7.0
    -Edit some python files to make image full compatible with DM800HD with plugins
    -I have Edited BackUp option in software manager to work on Dreambox
    (Menu > setup > Software management > Backup image)
    -I have fixed WLAN Connection (Work if image on External Flash only in Internal flash promlem form Source code of openpli4.0)
    -Should be work on all Boxes on External Flash (But must be on Internal flash OE2.0 Image

    How to download emus (Cams)
    Green Button > Green Button (Download) > Softcams
    How to Active emus (Cams)
    blue Button > Softcam setup

    About remote control How to adjustment ****
    input device
    press ok to dreambox remote control (native) and adjustment as you like ..

    Warning:Don't Make Update Online

    thx RAED​

    Click this Link to Download File:
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