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openld-1.9-201507-07-vusolo2-SunRay-ramiMAHER 2017-06-25

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patched drivers -2015-06-23-by-ramiMAHER

* Kernel: Depends on the model will be one version or another. (Modified and optimized Javilonas)
* Enigma2: 07/06/2015 (Own Sources)
* Open Source: https://github.com/OpenLD
* Image: OpenLD - 07/07/2015
* BusyBox: v1.23.1 (optimized for javilonas)
* Drivers: The more current to date (depending on the model will be one version or another)
* Skin Default: MetrixHD https://github.com/OpenLD/enigma2-plugin-skins-metrixhd
* Webinterface: OpenWebif OWIF Version 0.4.6 (Updated)
* Distro Version: 1.9 - OpenLD (no official test)
* Expert Mode enabled by default
* Original Bootlogo is maintained OpenLD
* Multiple changes at Enigma2 https://github.com/OpenLD/enigma2 (several bugs fixed)
* Updated Drivers in several models (Gigablue, VUPLUS, Ixuss, Dreambox, XTREND Evo)
* Updated various plugins addons.
* Default takes drivers rt3573, rt5572, ath9k-htc, carl9170, rt2500, rt2800, rtl8187, RT3070, zd1211rw, rtl8192cu, asix, 178a, r8712u, rt73, smsc75xx, r8723a, rt8723bs, mt7601u.
* Added Plugin NetDrive
* Removed EPG Import
* Updated samba
* Support EU Marvel1 and Ultra Gigablue
* Updated terrestrial.xml, satellites.xml and cables.xml
* Translation to Spanish enigma2 many areas that were in English (Thanks to Jglez3 translate mike-99 and several fix)
* Added support for IPv6 and IPv6 streaming
* Fixed misleading error message flash memory full.
* Added option to restore inet.d file when the telnet and FTP stop working.
* Fixed error double SAT and DTT Scan
* Now error screenshots are blue
* Added more options for 720p / 50 and 1080i / 50 (autoresolution)
* Various fixes in HDMICEC
* Added support for 2 GB of swap
**** Blue Panel Blue button OpenLD
Green button **** Plugins
Green Button Green Button **** **** ADDONS
Red button blue button **** **** Services
Yellow Button **** Set Sound
Red Button **** Electronic Program Guide
This version is the final and official version if you have installed an earlier downloaded from somewhere else, please do clean install, there are many differences.

Click this Link to Download File:
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