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OpenATV 5.0 for Lonrisun V4 (No gles/xbmc) 2017-06-25

OpenATV 5.0 for Lonrisun V4 (No gles/xbmc)

  1. SpaceRat

    This is a proof-of-concept release or for daring users.

    You should prefer the stable version 4.2 over the alpha version 5.0, as increasingly OpenATV 5.0 relies on features not present in the latest Lonrisun drivers while OpenATV 4.2 doesn't (Except for gles/xbmc which can be removed).

    1. Created from original image dated 2015-04-08 (No update of an older image, no rebuild/self-compilate!)
    2. Lonrisun drivers September 2014 (Same as in PBnigma) -> no gles/xbmc possible, no newer drivers available :(
    3. Triple update protection: Write protected drivers, artificially increased driver version numbers and an opkg wrapper, preventing unsafe package installations/upgrades, even when using the menu!
    4. Clean image: Starts with setup wizard
    5. oscam pre-installed, web interface on port 8888 (http://vusolo2:8888 resp. http://<IP of the box>:8888)
    6. oscam, Samba and streaming IPv6 ready

    If you do not want to use oscam or not my package of it, just uninstall the package "enigma2-plugin-softcams-oscam-schimmelreiter".

    Online Updates:
    Via menu or on the shell using
    opkg update && opkg upgrade

    opkg is wrapped to prevent driver upgrades and remove gles/xbmc whenever it is installed as dependency.

    Although they should be safe, nevertheless online updates are done on own risk!

    Click this Link to Download File:
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