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openATV 4.2 goes online, as always, we're only part of the image testing because we simply do not have the resources and boxes,
so if something does not go with you right away, do not be the same evil but powerful statement with info, screens and logs Support us, we look we quickly solve the problems. What's new in the OE-A Build Environment 2.3? • Open Embedded Core-August 2014 • gcc 4.9.1 • openSSL • Time Zone Updates • many Linux tools and libs • and many more. Due Update bitbake and OE_Core to version August 2014 with many updates as well as the new GCC 4.9.1 we would have to build from scratch, we have Determined the version about to raise from 4.1 to 4.2. 's new GCC has shown that images with kernel 3.14 run or new stable, we had repeatedly crash on some systems, for no apparent reason we had this crash no longer now. too soon coming new updates for Xtrend new models and also Venton Eco with kernel 3.16 for these boxes is the new gcc 4.9.1 . then precondition What's New in 4.2 openATV? Gigablue • GB800SOLO, GB800SE, GB800UE - Drivers 3.1.1 (same as BuildTree the remaining boxes) • GB800SOLO, GB800SE, GB800UE- zram enabled • GB800SEplus GB800UEplus GBIPBox - Kernel 3.14.2 • GB800SEplus GB800UEplus GBIPBox - Driver 3.14.2 • GBIPBox - gbipboxclient integrated in the image • GB800SEplus GB800UEplus - gbipboxclient on feeds available • GBQuad GBQuadplus - Kernel 3.14.2 • GBQuad GBQuadplus - Driver 3.14.2 • GBQuad GBQuadplus - gbipboxserver integrated in the image • GB800SEplus GB800UEplus GBIPBox GBQuad - SoftwareWOL ("WOL Standby" in the shutdown menu or in the network adapter settings permanently off for normal to activate) • GBQuadplus - (to activate turn off the network adapter settings permanently for normal) HardwareWOL • GB800SEplus GB800UEplus GBIPBox GBQuad GBQuadplus - GigaBlue YouTubeTV on feeds available • GBIPBox: Preparations for use (E2 adjustments, Startup Wizard, ...) Channel List: One-touch recording (REC button on remote control) Channel List: column mode channel list: Record Gazette youth protection: on Bouquets possible GB800SOLO, GB800SE, GB800UE - Drivers 3.1.1 ? The older models have now received an updated completely new driver. advantage: For the older models are again much smoother to operate the menu and can continue to receive driver updates. disadvantage: It is quite possible that something has worked before, the new driver no longer works. ... Ixuss • Drivers Update Verbessrung vTuner support Vuplus • Update drivers and kernel updates • new HBBTV • New LCD4Linux for Duo2 Atemio Nemeis • Update for LCD Picon Mutant 2400 HD • Update for LCD Picon All • Update Openweb interface with support • Now with auto timer support • Now with bouquet Editor Support • Update openATV Skin div Screens Revision. • Latter-E2 updates and fixed the last 2 weeks • Plugins for Feed News • CoolTV Guide 7.3 • DreamPlex 2.0 • LCD4Linux • Call Fritz • and much more. preparation for support new cabinet models as Xtrend ET7000, ET7500, Mutant 1100 Formal F1 and F3 Can I openATV reuse 4.2 my old saved settings? we recommend NOT to do in order not to take contaminated sites and any earlier configuration items. channel lists should be easily reusable. Update of openATV 4.1 to 4.2 only Online Flash or USB Flash. happened What openATV with 4.1? Unfortunately, we can not maintain openATV further parallel 4.1 and 4.2. Therefore, the level of openATV 4.1 with bloom from openATV 4.2 is frozen and no longer maintained. New images are only created with openATV 4.2. In serious problems with openATV 4.1 so please go first to openATV 4.2. Important changes for all: With Image 17/08/2014 are at the mipsel boxes NFS and SAMBA Server services are no longer Default Image In !!! SAMBA shares and NFS shares as client connections you can go on so your network devices from the box access it. however if you want to access it from a Windows computer to the box via network browser you should have the server services in the network menu once Enable, then the box is also visible in network of ground that is constantly Users Say Image is too slow by the Box Boot 10-15 seconds faster! PLI and Co have not default in the Image so we are slightly better comparable and Image is also another 10 MB Small

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