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OpenATV 4.2 for Lonrisun V4 (No gles/xbmc) 2017-06-25

OpenATV 4.2 for Lonrisun V4 (No gles/xbmc)

  1. SpaceRat

    1. Created from original image dated 2015-04-08 (No update of an older image, no rebuild/self-compilate!)
    2. Lonrisun drivers September 2014 (Same as in PBnigma) -> no gles/xbmc possible, no newer drivers available :(
    3. Triple update protection: Write protected drivers, artificially increased driver version numbers and an opkg wrapper, preventing unsafe package installations/upgrades, even when using the menu!
    4. Clean image: Starts with setup wizard
    5. oscam pre-installed, web interface on port 8888 (http://vusolo2:8888 resp. http://<IP of the box>:8888)
    6. oscam, Samba and streaming IPv6 ready

    If you do not want to use oscam or not my package of it, just uninstall the package "enigma2-plugin-softcams-oscam-schimmelreiter".

    Online Updates:
    Via menu or on the shell using
    opkg update && opkg upgrade

    opkg is wrapped to prevent driver upgrades and remove gles/xbmc whenever it is installed as dependency.

    Although they should be safe, nevertheless online updates are done on own risk!

    Click this Link to Download File:
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