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OnDemand on OpenPLi3.0 2017-06-25

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Make the ViX created OE-A OnDemand plugin run on OpenPLi 3.0 images

FTP the ipk files to your receivers /tmp directory, install using the command

opkg install /tmp/*.ipk

FTP the usr folder to the root of your receiver. You will be prompted to overwrite one file and merge folders, click yes

Now you need the .py files from the OnDemand plugin, now, you can either download them individually and create the needed file structure yourself, or, there is an easier way.

Download the following file

and unzip it, now navigate to the folder


and FTP the whole folder named src to your receivers folder


Once all files have copied over, rename the new folder to OnDemand

Next, restart enigma

Thats it, you are all done.

Using these files, and the current OnDemand plugin files, you will have no problems with missing dependancies, including the 'SCOPE_ACTIVE_SKIN' error



Once you have FTP'd the files to your receiver, if you like to save space, in the main folder, there are 2 license files, and a that can safely be removed, and in the icon folder there is a that can be removed

i have not included the actual ondemand files any longer due to allegations which were directed at me by a certain fooktard

your receiver will not spontaenously combust if you remove the license files, no matter what anybody anywhere claims

Tested and retested on a clean PLi3.0 install on a TM-TWIN OE

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