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New Wetek PBnigma E2 & Kodi 17.09.2015 2017-06-25

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EDIT 17.9.15
- misc E2 stuff

- XBMC out as it made problems for some addons

- Some repos in Kodi

- IPTV playback for settings like ciefp etc. vastly improved. Not done yet.

- reflash of micro SD card needed !

Updated already

This image is still in infancy mode and should be used only by bold, brave and beautiful. Nevertheless, some might find it interesting.
Please do read included PDF & txt.

In short:
- Kodi 15.1 included
- XBMC 13.2 still there as some may prefer its playback of 29.9xx/23.9xx FPS. We would be grateful on some feedback on this subject. Please do note your TV unit settings; game/pc/turbo enhance/sport etc. It could make a lot of PQ/BQ difference.
- Samba -> NAS works fine in Kodi, for NFS, at the moment, 1st mount a NFS volume from E2, then root from Kodi. As always YMMV.
- New E2 RC/FB unit is preferred for now except in Kodi/XBMC where only the original RC/FB works, either in mouse or buttonMode.
- E2 media programs like internal PVR, MP or MP2 are there only for testing purposes. Media playback is preferred to be done by Kodi/XBMC. You might need a reboot if E2 media players are used on certain files!
- Please do read about USB sticks/HDDs and mounting them as /media/usb via PB Device Manager. An E2 restart may be required for now after inserting an USB device. We are not in love with automount business for various tech reasons.
- Temporary removal of USB media should be done via USB eject plugin, permanent via PB device manager. Failure of following this, rather simple, procedure might spoil your media.
- Issues with some transponders are well known, work in progress (as many other stuff).
- Same goes for better support for the original (elipsoid) RC/FB.
- We are aware of (most) problems and working on them.
- FTP/telnet/ssh default password is 'powerboard'
- NAND version not planned at this stage. If ever.
- Reflash needed, simple online update won't do, probably reasonable to do a backup of your settings to an USB stick and do restore after flashing your micro SD card.

Good luck from PB team!

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