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New Skin - Vskin HD by kiddac 2017-06-25

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v1.003 - fixed epg button hack options button. Fixed the movie playbar. Fixed free disk space alignment on movies.

The wait is finally over...

Welcome to VSkin-HD

Known bugs:
Some Samsung TVs have an auto dimming feature that you cannot turn off. As this is a dark skin, there might be problems with some screens automatically changing contrast and auto dimming.
The only way around this is to set your TV to movie mode and tweak all the colours and brightness for that setting. It's not an ideal solution, but blame Samsung.

Vix kept crashing on me when I was skinning the VIX menu screens. I gave up in the end, so they might not be 100% right.

I haven't skinned the default enhanced movie center. Disable this in plugins to use the normal movie center.

The Rules:

Do Not quote this long post
This thread is only for questions or comments related to my skin. Do not post general problems in this thread. Non related questions will be ignored and deleted by moderators.
This is a skin, it is not a backup image - this only effects the graphics you see on screen and nothing else.
My skin is not responsible for anything not working on your box.
All my skin updates are sequentially named - you therefore do not need to uninstall an older version to install a newer version. Just install over the top
Never delete the default skin off your box.

This skin has been designed for use on OpenVix, OpenATV and should be compatible with most modern boxes.

To Install:
Visit my dropbox and download the IPK file in my skin folder. If for some reason it downloads a zip file. Extract the zip so you just have the IPK file.

FTP the IPK file over to your temp folder. var/volatile/tmp.
(if you do not know how to ftp over to your box, please read my install guide. there is a section in there that covers this)
Bare Bones OpenATV New setup Guide

Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
Press ok on the package
press green to install.

Menu > setup > VIX > Iplkg install
Press ok on the package
press green to install.

Once it has installed you need to set it as your skin.
(OpenATV) Menu... setup... Usage & GUI... skin setup.
(OpenVIX) Menu...setup...System...user setup.

Reboot your box just to make sure its installed properly.

Recommend Settings (especially relevant if installing on Sucmnsees images)
Make sure your transparency is set to default 255.
Make sure all fonts sizes are set to the original 0.

Channel Selection Settings
show crypto icons...left from service name
show columns.. 200 pixels wide
Number of rows... 12

Multi EPG settings....
Number of rows 16

Single EPG Settings...
Number of rows 16

Infobar EPG Settings...
Number of rows 2

Graphical infobar EPG Settings
Base time 15 minutes
Number of rows 3 (set in skin)
Service width 200
Picon width 100
Time scale 120 minutes

GraphicalEPG settings
All font sizes 0
Number of rows 8 (set in skin)
Service width 200
Time scale 120 minutes

GraphicalEPG Full screen
Number of rows 8,14,15 or 16

Movie Selection
Number of rows 12

This skin has been designed to use 100 x 60 picons

Click this Link to Download File:
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