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New Phantompatches for TM5502HDCi+ 2017-06-25

New Phantompatches for TM5502HDCi+

  1. jamsb
    New Phantompatches for TM5502HDCi+24May2013

    Warning Warning
    It has taken long time to fix this patch/There has been lots of changes in this patch for the best result do save your data then factory reset.
    Fixed >>24-05-2013
    1-Blind scan .
    2-Data channel option>Menu/front end DATA CHANNEL ,,on,, will scan all no AV.
    3-EPG < > l/R
    5-New sofcam by Lan updated.
    6-Added delete function for channels duplication, Menu/Edit channels/Delete channels/press Red button for all/press Red Record Button to delete duplicate channels.
    7-Menu/system information/2004 patch off / 2004 patch on.
    8-Process a/v message ( No Audio/Video, No signal, Scrambled)
    deletion old channel data after scanning.{ Data channels do not have A/V > Signal}

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