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EMU Ncam Ncam V 3.1 17-11-2017 2017-11-17

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Ncam V 3.1


-header files cleanup and cosmetics


Rename reader options

-Rename some reader options in the webif to be more intuitive.


Drecrypt updates and fixes

-try fix: Drecrypt emm improvements (hopefully it doesn't crash anymore)

-add: Write ee.bin files if new ecm keys are found

(build-mips (Gigablue-Dream-VU+-Xtrend-Formuler

(build-sh4 (Golden Media-Galaxy innovations-Amiko

(cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-ARM (Routers Mipsel DD-WRT

(build-x86-Linux-pc (32bit-i686

(build-x86-Linux-pc (64bit-i386

(build-mips (Tiviar plus and similar

(build-mips-router (Routers Mipsel DD-WRT