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EMU Ncam Ncam V 3.0 14-11-2017 2017-11-14

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Ncam V 3.0


Fix Drecrypt ECM

-fix: Drecrypt was broken since June 2016 (when "support" for ee.bin files was introduced).

-fix: Small improvements in the ecm algorithm.

-add: Support for reading ecm keys from SoftCam.key file.

Refer to the wiki for more info about Drecrypt configuration.


Start stream relay server only if needed for decryption

Since now, the stream relay server always started along with the emu reader. Now it starts only if it's actually going to be used for decryption.


Add pid limiter option Add option to dvbapi config page in webif to limit the number of stream pids used in the extended cw api. Patch from joeusercz.

(build-mips (Gigablue-Dream-VU+-Xtrend-Formuler

(build-sh4 (Golden Media-Galaxy innovations-Amiko

(cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-ARM (Routers Mipsel DD-WRT

(build-x86-Linux-pc (32bit-i686

(build-x86-Linux-pc (64bit-i386

(build-mips (Tiviar plus and similar

(build-mips-router (Routers Mipsel DD-WRT