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My Dream Toolbox VU+ Edition v5.3 2017-06-25

My Dream Toolbox VU+ Edition v5.3

  1. bobby123
    My Dream Toolbox VU+ Edition v5.3
    17.02.2014 It include:

    VU+ Controll center 0.7
    Vu+Tool ver 0.9
    VU Setting back up
    USB Disk Storage Format
    Dreamset 2.39
    Notepad++ 6..5.3
    oscam2cccam 1.1
    Cccam toolbox 0.12
    ZebraDem-Feedbox-Vuplus v.1.4.1a (no instal)
    Picon_Manager V1.7.2.2
    LSK VU + Team Stream 4.0
    E2 boologo generator
    Oscam config creator
    Oscam Service creator
    Signal meter 0.08
    Setting maker 2.6
    CCcam.channelinfo_Creator_v1.3.0_by_Tuete2501 ( need netframework 4.0.30319)
    Vu+ drivers
    Tutorial page

    Lastest changes:

    Update Dreambox edit to ver
    Update FileZilla Client to ver
    Update SettingsMaker to ver 2.6
    Update Notepad++ to ver 6.5.3
    Update Picon_Manager-to ver V1.7.2.2

    create by juli13

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