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MultiMiniBoot Update v1.37 2017-06-25

MultiMiniBoot Update v1.37

  1. Ferret
    MultiMiniBoot Update v1.37

    This small update is only important for clone dm800hd PVR SIM2 - because for all other boxes are nothing new.

    Only Clone dm800hd-pvr-sim2:
    - only with the latest image of @Jasper with IPv6 because OpenATV-image
    - All Image which on mmboot are available all working now
    - Latest Image ofjasper for dm800hd PVR sim2 with IPv6 can be found here <<<< HERE ********
    ( dreambox-image-dm800-ipv6-20150618-Jasper-2015-08-02 )

    Click this Link to Download File:
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