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Multi Mod Manager 13.4 2017-06-25

Multi Mod Manager 13.4

  1. buzzer
    Multi-Mod Manager - A easy to use, yet powerful tool for Wii users


    APP Manager to easily launch homebrew from SD card
    WAD Manager with faster batch operations and safety measures
    IOS Manager to check/install/delete/patch/dop IOS or custom IOS
    Manage Priiloader Hacks and switch to it or Wii System Menu
    Install Wii System Menu v4.x from Nintendo servers
    Install Wii Channels from Nintendo servers
    Install & Patch IOS36 to enable homebrew (express 1-click TBR)
    Remove stub IOS or unused Korean IOS
    Display boot2 version and information
    Display Wii system settings and more...
    Reload to any IOS via a easy-to-use selection menu
    Configurable by editing "sd:/mmmconfig.txt" file
    Real-time on-screen status and detail reports on all operations
    Clear and easy-to-understand user interface to a powerful tool
    Stable, compact and loadable from HBC, bannerbomb or as a channel