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mmboot multiboot OE2.0 2017-06-25

mmboot multiboot OE2.0

  1. Ferret
    Changes - fixes in version v1.31

    - Page change is a change in the structure of building python (for you without change - not visible) *
    - Fixed mminit (OpenPLi issue removed) *
    - Patch name display in v2 dreamach *
    - The problem with crossEpg usb-image removed *
    - Added mod-eParted to initialize the pen, HDD, etc (eParted modified for mmboota) *
    - Possibility of using the mod-eParted równierz for other media
    - also on the image on the usb -> MultiMiniBoot -> menu -> eParted (Yellow) *
    - Information about a newer version of mmboota (info only because updates can be done only with flash) *
    - The ability to disable checking for updates -> MultiMiniBoot -> menu *
    - An issue in the case of two directories "backup" (if there will be two folders "backup"
    - PRIORITET for mmboota will be / media / hdd / backup)

    <<<<< With the clones ********>

    - Amendment Script for dm800sev2 *
    - Problem with changing wlan (wifi) on the image on the usb removed

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