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Merlin 3 DM500HD-20131004 2017-06-25

No permission to download
Auf dem Feed liegen Updates bereit.
- remove obsolete Converter
- PiconLoader: display a Picon when only Partnerbox services exist (only working for Hotbird, Astra, Astra2)
- ChannelSelection: enable Picon update for Partnerbox-services (when no PiconMapper is used)
- PiconLoader: clean up
- removed bitratecalc.so from merlininfo-package, set a depends instead to enigma2-plugin-extensions-bitrateviewer
-- set new import to eBitrateCalculator in plugin.py
- PiconLoader: Try to get Picons for Partnerbox-services without mapping (Astra, Hotbird and Astra2 only)
- ChannelSelection: fix possible crash when updating Picons (should only happen with PiconSets installed before the last update of PiconLoader/PiconMapper)
- enhance PiconMapper to support up to three PiconMapperSets. Please delete existing PiconMapperSets before using.
- DreamCC: fix crash

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