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MediaSatPME-7.0_Ferrari-SSL88F_dm800_20141027_RAED 2017-06-25

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-I have converted and patched VU+ (ME-7.0) Image to Dreambox
-Fixed LCD panel
-Edit some python files to make image full compatible with DM800HD with plugins
-Edit Personal and full backup files to work on DM800HD
-Should be work on all Boxes on External Flash (But must be on Internal flash OE2.0 Image

This image built on Open Source (oe-alliance) and features of image same as like BlackHole Image but:
-Do not contain Teleportation
-Wlan did not wrok if mage on internal flash (Source issue)
-Image take too long time to boot (Very Slow)

How to Download Cams:
Green Button > Yellow Button> Extra ME

How to Active Cams:
Blue Button

Warning:Don't Make Update Online

Click this Link to Download File:
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