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Mediaportal 4.7.1 2017-06-25

Mediaportal 4.7.1

  1. Ferret
    Changelog 4.7.1:

    - MySpass (all videos will be displayed, jump into the streams)
    - Added a new category selection menu (blue button in the Wall Screen)
    - Seekingfunktion Portals allows for more (including amateurporn, HDPorn, EroProfile, el-ladies, beeg ...)

    - New Wissen.de
    - New Movie2k.tl
    - New PornKino.to
    - New OMR (Online Music Recorder)

    - Update MegaSkanks
    - Update WetPlace
    - Update GIGA.de
    - Auto update image

    thx dhwz

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