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kv 850 june firmware 2017-06-25

No permission to download
you can flash box by copying to a formatted fat 32 usb stick
with box powered off insert in front port

first time flashing this box changes it from a terrestrial box to a cable box.

firmware is not posted on any forum but ask your supplier where to get it
and no it does not come with the box.

flashing the box

Please follow the instructions below

(1) Format a usb pen drive to FAT32 on your PC first

(2) Then get the file you have downloaded and copy it across to the usb then

(3) Turn the box off at the back and put the USB into the front of the box

(4) Then turn the power back on to the box when the box powers up go to the menu and select Software upgrade press ok

(5) Then allow the box to reboot, after that you will see the cable scan option just scan as with the older box

Ps if you see on screen usb initializing all the time your USB pen has not been formatted to Fat 32

then to do an online update just do this.

then do an internet upgrade first and let box reboot followed by factory reset/default and rescan from main feed. :drink:

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