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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 4.10 2019-05-17

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JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 4.10

A plugin to allow the easy creation of bouquets for IPTV playlists.
You can also select the individual categories to create the bouquets for. No need to import hundreds of channels that you do not need.

* not compatible with older version of v3.16 and below of Jedi Maker Xtream.*
* please delete any bouquets created with old version - and completely uninstall old plugin before installing new *

Includes all fixes mentioned in the last couple of months.

-Fixed Sky Q skin errors.
-Added Slyk Onyx Skin
-Fixed Foreign Language crashes. (hopefully)
-Fixed Arab font replacement bug
-Fixed no name Categories not being picked up.
-Fixed manually editting playlists bug that was putting things on the same line in playlists.txt
-Rewrote the Update bouquets code, so should be better.
-Added in lots more checks to prevent crashes. (which means its a little bit slower)
-Can now download providers that are huge that download the data in chunks. e.g. la**iptv (requests module required though)
-Better handling of M3U files.
-Added in the choice of whether to show or hide the IPTV name in bouquets.
-Made it compatible with VTI image and according to Seagen... all other images
-Fixed some bugs that nobody even mentioned.​
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