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iptvplayer_84.03.00.00_a 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret
    whats new:
    -Add possibility to set background to the subtitles in external movie player.
    -Fix webstreams-> hasbahcaiptv.com/ thanks @verlock
    -http://watchwrestling.to/ - fix new links extraction
    -yify.tv handle subttitles direct from yify.tv
    -New host neokino.net/.
    -Disable not nowrking HasBahCa
    -Fix webcamera.pl
    -Fix yify.tv
    -watchwrestling.to/ add "LIVE 24/7"
    -Add new host watchwrestling.to/
    -lsdir: use readdir instead of getdents64.
    -Update lsdir to use SYS_getdents64 instead SYS_getdents.
    -Update uchardet to uchardet-enhanced with new language support.
    -Add auto detection subtitles encoding using uchardet utility.
    -Fix yify.tv/.
    -exeplayer v9 for mipsel

    thanx @ samsamsam

    Click this Link to Download File:
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