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iptvplayer_132.00.25.00 2017-06-25

No permission to download
whats new:
-ustvnow.com/ -> guide -> change UTC to local time
-ovienight.ws/ add functionality to add whole series dir for favorities.
-Fix listing episodes in the host kinotan.ru/.
-videostar.pl/ - refactoring
-series-en-streaming.com/ -> fix missing categories.
-series-en-streaming.com/ - fix problem with covers
-Revert IPTVVirtualKeyBoard With Captcha
-Update Channel Names goldvodtv.py
-Add custom VirtualKeyboard with captcha image.
-Try to fix problem with number keyboard after captcha window
-Fix for sport365.live/
-Temporary fix for sport365.live/
-Remove nasze-kino.eu/ - service no works any more it was changed to forum

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