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iptvplayer_127.05.06.00_ 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret
    whats new:
    -Fix host logo display
    -Fix pierwsza.tv
    -Additional fix for external player: set status to PLAY when event PLAYBACK_PLAY will be received
    -Ext movie player: fix functionality of manual subtitle synchronization
    -Fix missing title in the napisy24.pl
    -Fix darshow.com/
    -Ext-player: fix GS when load subtitle
    -New subtitle provider subscene.com/ has been added.
    -Ext-movie player - show subtitles attached to movie url as subtrack on subtitles
    -Fix pierwsza.tv
    -Add youtube subtitle provider with posibility to choose auto translated subtitles.
    -BaseException should not be used directly - replace it by Exception in opensubtitles.org provider.
    -Fix openload.co links extractor
    -Fix cda.pl links extractor.
    -Youtube: fix NextPage

    thanx @ samsamsam

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