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IPTVPlayer 2017-06-25

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-Fix links extractor
-Add new host
Fix moonwalkcc
Fix problem with links extraction for
Add subtitles support for the zdfmediathek service
Add workaround for subtitles from Das Erste
Add possiblity to add whole series to favorities
Cosmetic change.
Fix links extraction from
Another fix for ustream live streams
Fix links extractor for live streams
Fix movie/series filers for
Fix links extraction from
Fix playback of some radio streams from
Fix seasons listing.
Add new service to webstreams host. fix country and genres filters - it looks that site script have bug.
Fix link extractor.
Add link extractor.
Update hosts list.
Add new host move to
Fix links extraction for
Fix links extractor
Fix links extraction for and
Fix sweetcaptcha answer 1

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