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IPTV List Updater v.1.0 VU+ & Dreambox 2017-06-25

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IPTV List Updater v.1.0

1.00 (24.06.2013):
- added language support of plugin for de, en, it
(more language to come)
- added language support of faq for de, en, it
(more language to come)
- changelog now in folder "changelog"
- changed convert from scripts to python directly (Thx @Black_64 from www.openA.TV)
- now TV Bouquets in Favourites TV
- now Webcam Bouquets in Favourites TV
- now Radio Bouquets in Favourites Radio
- removes scripts, and folder "scripts"
- added download.txt for convertation in folder "list"
- added new flags (Thx @NaseDC)
- changed name in list for each country or continent
- now separated python files for much easier coding
- need only Flags in Format country.png 270*200 Pixel
- now 147 Bouquets
- compatible with OpenPLI

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