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IPK-Creator 4 2017-06-25

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IPK-Creator 4

Version 4.0

You Need To Install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) Not Open JDK !

Download It From (Windows)

You Need To Install 1.7.x Versions

After Installing JRE Just Run windows-run.bat

Still In Development !


it's based on the sources of Ipk Packager and jpkg-webos but with so many changes

windows-run.bat is for Windows but as you know you can run a jar file in  any operating system (Mac OS , linux , ...) because it's Java

i did compile it with Java 7 so you need JRE 1.7.x

enjoy creating ipk files
Version 4.0

"any", "arm" and "armv7a-vfp" architectures added

"priority", "section", "conflicts", "replaces", "source", "homepage", "license", "oe" fields added

unneeded settings removed

faster than before and more compatible with enigma2 packages

full size by default, layout fixes/updates

fix "-" in version, now you can have -r1 for example

clean and rebuild using JDK 7u45
good luck
tx.principe persiano

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