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INDB4 with Kodi 16.1 SUNRAY-SOLO2 2017-06-25

INDB4 with Kodi 16.1 SUNRAY-SOLO2

  1. Ten Below
    INDB4 with Kodi 16.1 SUNRAY-SOLO2

    Catseye All Sats 20/03/2016

    Oscam 12113 (Configured Dvbapi For UK White Card)
    Mgcamd 1.38

    CCcam 2.3.0

    Seasondream TV
    Media Player
    YouTube TV
    Merlin Music Player
    CrossEPG 0.81
    Bluedisc Player
    IPK Creater
    KODI 16.1 Launcher
    Open Webif
    Opera Web Browser
    vuplus-images-addons 1.5
    Weather MSN
    And many more

    Oscam Streamboard_AtzefromBD Web Style
    UltraLight HD Skin (Set Default)
    Army Touch HD INDB Mod Skin
    MX Graphite Skin
    MX HQ7

    Cam Ports & Passwords

    Oscam Web Info Port: 8888
    Username: admin
    Password: vuplus-images

    CCcam Web Info Port: 16001
    Username: root
    Password: vuplus-images

    Oscam config directory: /etc/tuxbox/config
    MGcamd Config Directory: /usr/keys
    CCcam Config Directory: /usr/keys

    FTP Password: vuplus-images

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