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How to update drivers & apply driver protection 2017-06-25

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How to replace/update drivers with newer drivers and apply driver protection for your Sunray VU Solo2 Clone

(Drivers dated: 28/12/16)

It is assumed you have at least a little knowledge of computers/and use of some software. If you don't, it maybe best not to attempt to replace drivers and just wait until next update of image. I recommend making a full backup of your image first.

1. Do an image backup and save this to your computer/laptop or external USB. This is really just being cautious and it's best practice.

2. Download sunraydrivers package.

3. FTP (I use
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) the "sunraydrivers" folder to the temp folder of your root, usually, "/tmp".

4. Start a Telnet session and type:-
cd /tmp/sunraydrivers
sh sunraydrivers.sh
5. Close your FTP client and Telnet session.

That's it !!!

This package is a script that detects the type of drivers (normal or xbmc) that are in use and swaps these drivers with corresponding sunray clone-safe drivers (included in package) and then applies driver protection automatically.

With the above applied, online updating is possible but please keep in mind that future driver updates may harm your box. Therefore, for maximum protection from clone bomb I would avoid doing online updates.

As the drivers are included in this driverspackage, it will need updating as and when new drivers are released. I will update this thread when I add any new drivers.

Click this Link to Download File:
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