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HD channel list for HD spiderboxes dated 28 AUGUST 2017-06-25

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HD channel list for HD spiderboxes dated 28 AUGUST 2013

Channel list for any of the following HD spiderboxes :-

( 7000 and 9000 and 9900 and combo series )

NOT for the 6000 or 5000 boxes !!!

motorised , so double check your usals position first under the green button for location and set your own location after loading

unpack this zip file and you will get a dated folder with the file in it , copy the folder to your fat32 usb stick

go to menu and usb , browse to the folder and file and select the stb file , say yes to importing this file , overwriting your previous list if you already had one ( back that up first if you have got one )

alter the usals to suit your motor ( your longitude and latitude ) , or turn usals off and use diseqc or whatever system you use for diseqc motor or diseqc switches

nb:- always note down your settings , your usals , and backup your own channel list before using somebody elses , just in case you wish to go back

if using a vbox ensure you know the numbers required for each sat position and amend accordingly

the uk regional channels are set to winter hill - granada region, but there are others in the list that you can use instead, by using the MOVE function in the channel editor, and using your remote to move mine out and move those regional channels of your choice into their places , mainly bbc1 , bbc2, itv1 and c4 will be the usual ones affected, best to check when your local news programmes are on like at teatime so you obtain the correct channels, start with ALL CHANNELS first, then remove mine from the ENTERTAINMENT fav section, add yours to it, then edit the ENTERTAINMENT fav section to move them up near the top above channel 4 or 5 in order to get them in the correct place

I have added the main fta satellite locator channels from the william1 list in the dish forum here and also checked it goes from approx 46e to 45w

I also added the various fox sports channels listed in another thread on the forums here too

I am also told this list has the terrestrial frequencies inside it for those of you with a combo

this will allow you to scan the freeview channels and add them into the sat list

there is a combined tv and radio list of less than 5000 channels in this channel list
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