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Gigabit port fix for Solo2 2017-06-25

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This plugin will fix the gigabit port/switch conflict issue when a Solo2 (including Sunray clones and possibly Lonrison/Dragonworth clones) is used with some other gigabit routers/switches (some VirginMedia routers being one such device).


You can't get an IP address assigned to your Solo2 when used with some gigabit enabled routers/switches (eg some VirginMedia routers as mentioned) despite ensuring everything on router is set to assign IP address via DHCP (or even manually).


It is believed that this is because there is a hardware conflict between gigabit board on the Solo2 and that of some gigabit boards on some routers/switches.


This plugin essentially informs the Solo2 to use Fast Ethernet 10/100 instead of Gigabit 1000. Basically, you would connect to other device at a theoretical maximum of 100 Mb instead of theoretical maximum of 1000 Mb.

Within the UK, there are not many broadband speed packages offering more than 100 Mb download speed and if you do have such broadband package, for most it's unlikely you would need your Solo2 to support faster than Fast Ethernet anyhow.

How to Install:

FTP this plugin to "/tmp" folder and install as plugin via image menu options or via telnet.

How to Remove:

Telnet into your box and use telnet to remove this plugin using following command:-
opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-gigabitfix
This will then remove the plugin and return the box to network defaults

Thanks to Napster for testing this.

Click this Link to Download File:
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