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Gemini3.2 v0.74 Dreambox E2 Images OE2.0 2017-06-25

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Gemini3.2 v0.74

We recommend a current image of the DMM on the basis -2.0 .
Who should use a different image in case of problems please contact the relevant people .
Most of the features are found in the Gemini Wiki .
Gemini - Wiki
How do you get the Gemini3 on his box is here .

Function Buttons:
* Blue Gemini plugin - Blue Panel
* The remaining buttons can be freely assigned with our Quick button function

* The Device Manager completely revised. It can now be created, deleted or encrypted partitions. Anyone wishing to use the option for encrypting please before in BP- > Device Manager -> Support . see if the packages are installed for " LUKS " .
* You can set the background and foreground color from video, image browser and image viewer according to his skin .

Fixes and update :
* DVD player can start with the " Green" button again other plugins .
* Downloads now have a 15 second timeout when a server is not reachable.
* Gemini skin now with new smaller icon for HBBTV .
* Internal fixes

* Dutch ( thx @ Bschaar )

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