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Ferrari DM500HD SSL87F Openblackhole 1.4 2017-06-25

No permission to download
DE OpenBlackHole BH 1.4

image including patches, DTS Surround, DVB-T Automatic, CrossEPG, Cron, WebInterface working and Inadyn, DynDNS plugins preinstalled.

Description of Features of DE OpenBlackHole BH 1.4

- Auto DVB-T
- DTS Surround
- CrossEPG Plugin (0.6.2 svn 305)
- DynDNS Plugin
- Inadyn Plugin
- Cron
- BlackHole GUI
a) Showing InfoBar CAS infos
b) BluePanel
c) AutoCam
d) Extra Settings Menu e) Cron Manager
f) Osd Settings (set Picons to LCD)
g) Devices Manager
h) Kernel Modules Manager
i) Fast Plugin Settings]
j) GreenPanel
k) Script Manager
l) System Setup : Show Event-progress in channel selection

P.S.: After installation and regularly, install the latest patch available on the Addon Manager Panel to have latest functionnalitites active and fully working.

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