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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] EurosportPlayer 0.6 EurosportPlayer 0.6

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As promised, today I have a new version (0.6) for you, this time as ipk.

The following was done:

Username / password are now stored triple_des encrypted.
In the first version, the stream with the highest quality was always selected. In the new version I leave the decision to the exteplayer3.
You can enter your own connection speed in the settings of the media playback, on the basis of which the exteplayer3 selects the suitable stream.
By default, this is 99999999
The check whether the serviceapp plugin is installed, has been changed, the hoax that it is not installed should not come now.

I have built my own Player Screen, based on the Vu_HD_1080P Skin. The player itself can be geskined. Under /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/EurosportPlayer/EspStreamPlayer-Skin-Sample.xml is an example Xml file where you can find the screen.
The player itself has no special function now. Spools do not work, but that's the exteplayer.
In streams that were aired in the past, you can jump with the number keys (10sec, 60sec, 5min)
I tested all the buttons on my remote and did not crash.
When your Eurosport session expires, you will now see a poopup that the session expires in one minute and you need to restart the stream.

Little bug fixes.
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