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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] Eurosport Player Enigma2 Plugin 2018-01-25

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Version 0.5:
- OnAir View: The original Eurosport Player in the browser shows you a list of current events. This is what the plugin does.
- Today View: The browser displays a history of the current day as well as the upcoming events under the current events. This is what the plugin does.
- The Today View also contains the OnAir events in the corresponding location.

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Hello everybody,

there was already one or the other thread on the subject of Eurosport Player on the VU +.
These were always concluded on the grounds that it would not go because of DRM.
That's not true, that's why I've written a plugin "Eurosport Player Plugin for VTI" the last few days.

Of course it's not 100% perfect, but it's enough for the Bundesliga, tennis and winter sports.

I successfully tested the plugin on my duo2 and ultimo4k (each with VTI 13.0.2).

The serviceapp extension must be installed and replace media playback. For service 5002 the exteplayer3 must be set.

What is not yet or not so nice:
The playback screen uses the standard MediaPlayer. Here I will build my own player over time.
Coils: Coils is currently not, or not quite right. In event streams that are not live and not on air, you can jump with the number keys. But that is not always possible. For me, the feature is currently not so important, so I'll be, if at all in the course of the new player screen deal with it.
You can not go further back in the Today View than "Today" (which the name actually means).
The plugin is not skin-capable.
The mapping of the station names does not quite fit.

I have not yet come to pack the whole thing in an ipkg, so there is the plugin currently only as a zip file. Simply copy the folder "EurosportPlayer" to "/ usr / lib / enigma2 / python / Plugins / Extensions" and then perform a GUI restart.

Green: Switch between OnAir / Today
Blue: refresh the view
Yellow: Removes the plugin from the main menu or adds it
Red: Sign out

As soon as I have a new version (but lasts a few days now) I'll put you back here.

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