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eSettings+ Ver. 2017-06-25

eSettings+ Ver.

  1. Ferret
    eSettings+ Ver.

    The features are:

    Loading settings from file & decoder
    Save to file & decoder
    Creating operational profiles
    Complete management of channels and favorites lists
    Complete management of satellites
    Enigma2 conversion settings - Neutrino - Spark - Spark2 - Ali3612 and vv.vv.
    Complete management settings for system Spark / Spark2 SAT + DTT
    Importing favorite channels lists
    Import Export favorite lists - Export channel list in CSV format
    Import channel list from KingOfSat
    Import channel list from SatChart
    IPTV channels manager (enigma2 and Neutrino HD systems)
    Import IPTV channels list m3u format
    Signal Analyzer Audio/video
    Login TELNET session
    FTP Client
    Player TV/IPTV Channels with current channel EPG (for enigma2 system)

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