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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] EPGImport 1.0-20180916 16.09.2018 EPGImport 1.0-20180916 16.09.2018

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EPGImport 1.0-20180916

- A mirror is unable to send file with .log extension, so we decide to change the LastUpdate.log into LastUpdate.txt
- Whitespace and EOL cosmetics
- Re-Add nocheck and validServer lost in previous commit
- Update to PLI changes.

EPGImport will now read the content of the file: /etc/epgimport/custo…
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All the channels included in this file will be added to every possible channels source
that are defined in a xxx.sources.xml.

So you now longer need to create your own custom "xxx.sources.xml" files into

If you defined your own userbouquet file (or favorite file), you need to define a unique
service reference:


Where :Index: is a unique hexadecimal value different for every possible channels assigned
by you.

The file has this structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="latin-1"?>
<channel id="">4097:0:1:Index:0:0:0:0:0:3:http%3A//...</channel> <!-- MyChannel -->

The "" must exist in one of the source file you will select to get EPG.
You need to have a logical match between the :Index: you create and the ""

You retrieve the in this file:

If you can receive several times the same channel, you can of course reuse the same

Or you can reuse an existing satellite unique reference but the very beginning must match
the one defined in your userbouquet, so if your userbouquet is created for 4097: you need
to change the reference from 1: to 4097:

Step 1: Create your custom.channels.xml

Step 2: Place it into the /etc/epgimport/ folder on your STB

Step 3: In EPGImport press blue to select the sources that you need
(the same ones used for satellite that contain the EPG info)

Step 4: In EPGImport Press Yellow button manual import

Real exemple:

In my userbouquet I have this:

So I check in the .xlsx file and I find that Radio Contact is called:

so in my custom.channels.xml I add this:

<channel id="">4097:0:1:A095:0:0:0:0:0:3:http%3a// Contact Vision HD</channel> <!-- Radio Contact Vision -->

And for source I select:

Wallonie - Telesat Base (xz)

If you want to reuse the reference found in the rytec.channels.xlsx file please change:



My #SERVICE start with 4097 so it must match between the userbouquet and the
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