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Enigmalight BETA Test Beta 0.1r5-b9.3 24-09-2014 2017-06-25

Enigmalight BETA Test Beta 0.1r5-b9.3 24-09-2014

  1. Ferret
    Enigmalight BETA Test Beta 0.1r5-b9.3 24-09-2014

    Enigmalight can be used as grabber or moodlamp or server for boblight/hyperion clients
    - Its only onefile, so now it use 8-9% cpu @ 1920x1080 with interval @ 0.10 (10fps) and can run on a dualcore with interval 0.01 @ 90fps with 40% cpu, but 90fps is overkill smile
    - Grabber again optimized
    - Added statusbar with info (RUNNING or NOT,CPU,FPS,MODE) in GUI and it will be refreshed every sec.
    - New effects (rainbow, rgb test, later more...)
    - Lightpack support fixed, now you can connect 2 lightpacks or more, see my website http://enigmalight.net for the howto.
    - New GUI
    - Log function, GUI will make log file in /tmp if you enable this option in settings
    - Translations not done yet, first it must be stable
    - Added a lot of new code
    - Added BRCM7241 (et8000) and BRCM7346 (GigaBlue EU )chipsets
    - Select configfile from settings
    - Switch from local to networkmode
    - And more

    Install notes:
    - First remove Boblight
    - Install new EnigmaLight (ipk can install on mipsel and mips32el)
    - rename old boblight.conf to enigmalight.conf
    - Restart your receiver and try the new plugin

    Click this Link to Download File:
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