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enigma2-plugin-extensions-iptvplayer_141.00.17.00_ 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret
    whats new:
    -Fix naszekino host crash
    -Fix streamlive.to/
    -Fix icefilmsinfo crash
    -Fix cda.pl
    -Fix chomikuj
    -Add links extractor for vidabc.com/ service.
    -123movies change check domain order
    -Host anime-odcinki.pl/ has been rewritten, with favorites support.
    -Remove the host anime shinden, fix handle missing links in the webcamera.pl
    -Youtube - fix listing search items when searching for playlists
    -Fix for webcamera.pl/
    -Inform the user that he must visit sport365.live/ and watch some ads to have not interrupted playback.
    -Fix host wp.tv
    -Remove not working hosts ex.ua and iptak.pl
    -Host icefilms.info/ - fix description and thumbnails under the INFO button

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