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E2-IPTV Server Plugin

murxer wrote:

With this plugin you can use your E2 box as an IPTV server.
This is nothing new, there are already several plugins for Kodi and Android.
These plugins get their data from the webif of your box.
My plugin / script also gets the data from the webif, except that the plugin creates the following from the data.
Playlist with EPG / Picon assignment xxx.m3u
also an EPG xml / gz will be created
You can decide for yourself which channel groups you would like to use.
IPTV stations / channel groups are also taken over.
Also, you can add your recordings to the m3u.
You also have the option to create a playlist on the go.
For this you have to release certain ports in the router and requires a DynDns.
So after the installation you set your settings and then you start the export. The export can take some time, it always depends on how many
Sender you have added.
I have tested it with the channel list of stony272.
Here, the export takes a good 6-7 minutes, alone create the playlist with IPTV transmitter takes at 2500 stations a minute.
Now you can also let the url's ads, with which you can include the playlist and the EPG file in your addon / plugin.
Now the following data should be in / tmp / E2-IPTV or in / media / hdd / E2-IPTV (depends on what you have set).
-playlist-ECG url
-playlist-dyn.m3u <- only if you have activated Internet playlist

In the playlist-epg-url file you will find the links to embed.
If you check the log and you have an XML error in the log, that's not a problem until it's a json bug, then it could work for that sender
no EPG data is created.

For information:
I use my E2 box only as a TV server, but then you have to
Use EPG Refresh or EPG Importer, otherwise you will not have a current EPG after a few days.
I use both, from 3 o'clock the EPG is updated and at 6 o'clock my plugin / script runs through.
So you have then always a current station list and also EPG, if you have selected the recordings, these are also updated in the xxx.m3u.

Runs on a Uno 4K with OpenATV 6.2
The deb version Please test first, can not say exactly if this also works with the Webif the Dream.
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