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E2-IPTV Server deb version

murxer wrote
With this plugin you can use your E2 Box as an IPTV server.
Various devices can then access a current station list and EPG here.

To do this, the following settings must be made:
-The IP is set automatically when the plugin is started for the first time, but you can change it.
-Access data for the Webif are required to be able to download the channel list and the EPG file later.
-Autostart, here you can set a fixed time when a current channel list and EPG file should be created.
-Transcoding is only used to keep the amount of data small,but is not yet possible on a ONE and TWO.
If the station list is used in the home network, no transcoding is necessary.
-HTTP and HTTPS settings, these settings come from the Webif plugin itself, here you can configure your Webif access.
-Picons can be obtained from the Webif or stored on the device, you have to set the storage folder for both variants

In order to be able to use the station list and the EPG via the Internet, further settings must be made:
-DynDns is required if you do not get a fixed IP from the Internet provider.
The DynDns or IP can be entered via the FB, or a file / tmp / E2-IPTV-DynDns is created in the first line then the address.
If you then open the plugin again, this address will be set.
-Now ports have to be opened in the router / firewall, now it depends on what you want to use HTTP or HTTPS
In the plugin you can set certain ports for HTTP, HTTPS, transcoding and streaming, these must then be released in the router.
-Picons can be obtained from the Webif or stored on the device, you have to set the storage folder for both variants

You can determine which channel groups may be used in the list in the bouquet screen, for this you have to use the green button in the plugin:
- Simply select one or more groups with the OK button

When you have set your settings you can start the export with the red button.
As soon as the export is completed, you will receive a message, from then on the created data will be available.
All files created are available in / data / IPTV_Server.

The individual URLs are located in / data / IPTV_Server / channel_url.

In the plugin itself you can also display the URLs that you then need, simply press the yellow button.

Version 1.0.3

- minor skin adjustments
- Picon Webif directory can now be set via a browser, for this use the OK button
- other smaller fixes

Thanks murxer

Version 1.0.2
- Channel_url file fix

Version 1.0.1
- Added support for plugin assistance

Thanks murxer
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