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E-Channelizer 4.0.0 2017-06-25

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E-Channelizer 4.0.0

After months of working on the next major release, E-Channelizer just got a massive update. The update includes a wealth of new features, improvments and bug-fixes, that make experiencing your TV channels easier than ever.

New Support settings format V5 (lamedb5), thanks to mirakels.
New Support multistream parameters, thanks to athoik.
New Support ATSC tuners, thanks to athoik and pieterg.
New Support unlinked bouquets.
New Support ABM and AutoBouquets plugins.
New Support stream types for GstPlayer and ExtePlayer3.
New Support custom stream types along with the known types.
New Support Anti-Hijack and token-based security (Dreambox OS).
New Map satellites into your favorite predefined names and positions.
New Switch between settings versions (V4/5) from the status bar.
New Copy service reference with underscores format (optional).
New Paste service reference into streams to assign EPG and Picon.
New Added Czech language, thanks to JiriCH7.
New Added Chinese language, thanks to Semac.
New Updated language translations, thanks to the authors.
Changed Keep the original file names when saving and writing bouquets.
Changed Keep bouquet entries when deleting satellites or transponders (optional).
Changed Improved services filtering on satellites, types and flags.
Changed Improved loading of missing/misformatted transponder paramaters.
Changed Improved browsing of folders and files.
Changed Improved searching for E2 devices in the local network.
Changed Improved performance and stability.
Changed Dropped support for settings format V3.
Fixed Unable to open/save files for some users running Windows 10.
Fixed Unable to read from STB when file names are invalid for Windows.
Fixed Rename the corresponding services from the favorites list.
Fixed Incomplete names when importing M3U list.
Fixed Wrong Cyrillic character encoding when importing M3U list.
Fixed Random freezing of the stream player.
Fixed Broken full-screen mode of the stream player on Windows 10 Anniversary.
Fixed Languages not loaded on drives with FAT32 file system.
Fixed Other minor issues.
Thx @ Sayyid A.

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