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  • Incorrect data when editing channels and bouquets.
  • Sub-bouquets not loaded after restarting some E2 images.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Download KingOfSat channels with long names (optional).
  • Change, import, export & resize logos of IPTV channels.
  • Support logos in SVG format.
  • Control playback of streams and bouquets.
  • Improve downloading KingOfSat transponders and channels.
  • Improve EPG assignment and manual search for matches.
  • Improve overall performance and memory usage.
  • Speed-up loading of channels and bouquets lists.
  • Speed-up loading and rendering of channel logos.
  • Speed-up importing Enigma bouquets and M3U playlists.
  • Eliminate false-positive alerts from AntiVirus software.
  • Add new Turkish translation (thanks to CanPolat).
  • Update the Dutch translation (thanks to Clemens).
  • Update the French translation (thanks to StarOS).
  • Update the German translation (thanks to Halo).
  • Update the Italian translation (thanks to Satrunner).
  • Update the Norwegian translation (thanks to Seagen).
  • Update the Swedish translation (thanks to Seagen).
  • Update the Slovak translation (thanks to EnoSat).
  • Update the Russian translation (thanks to spartak73).