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DW Backup_OpenPLi-4.0-zgemma-star-s-01012016_usb 2017-06-25

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Today's Build of PLi 4.0 - 01/01/2016

zgemma Star S (single tuner)

OpenPLi 4.0
Source Date: 01/01/2016
Kernel: 4.0.1
GStreamer: 0.10.36 (git)
Python Version: 2.7.3

Menu Changes
Change bouquets in quickzap (enabled)
second infobar set to no time out
swap SNR in db with SNR in percentage yes
Subtitle delay set to 0 helps with lipsync if you ever suffered with it
auto language (4) set to English by default

Timeshift recording set to /media/usb/ (Disabled)
Timeshift activation setup/system/user interface/automatically start timeshift after ----
Record set to /media/usn/hdd (green button/file list)
Picons Show In Channel list On
picon / crossepg set to media/usb/

MetrixHD_Mod (Taykun345) Default
Rat edited the skin.xml to show standard picon size and a fix other bugs, with thanks to IAmATeaf and Q-BiC

AutoBouquetsMaker_BuildDate-20151212 (Central Midlands) (Custom) Auto Scan 03:45am Daily
Rat’s Picon updater 1.2
CrossEPG Downloader 8.1
Backupsuite 20.0

CCcam 2.3.0

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