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dslibris 1.4.9 2017-06-25

dslibris 1.4.9

  1. buzzer
    a nice home brew ebook reader for the ds/dsi.
    thanks to the creators of this app..


    installation intructions.

    Extract the contents of the .zip file to the root of your card
    DLDI patch the .nds file if needed
    Put any books you have into the 'book' folder, the filenames should have an .xht, .xhtml or ePub extension.

    Adding Books

    dslibris supports books in EPUB or XHTML formats.

    EPUB format is recommended over XHTML whenever possible.

    Observe copyright and licensing with respect to the content being converted. Project Gutenberg and Feedbook texts are in the public domain, unless noted otherwise for specific content.
    Using EPUB

    EPUB is available directly from many sources and does not require any additional conversion. Just use the file.
    Converting to XHTML

    XHTML must be encoded in UTF-8 with numeric entities. Various programs can accept other formats and write them to XHTML; some examples are HTML Tidy, OpenOffice, AbiWord and Microsoft Word. Let's consider some scenarios: