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dreamplex_2.1.0-beta 35 2017-06-25

dreamplex_2.1.0-beta 35

  1. Ferret
    dreamplex_2.1.0-beta 35

    Changelog for 2.1.0-beta34

    - added summerize server for myPlex connection
    - removed global onDeck if more than one server is involved
    - added some more debugging for home users
    - fixed search again
    - set homeuser token at startup
    - added FHD version of default skin => big thx to iamwar
    - small message tweak for homeuser usage

    Changelog for 2.1.0-beta35

    - bugfix for summerize server
    - changed to curl for update download and reverted back for now to bintray
    Thx @DonDavici

    Click this Link to Download File:
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