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DreamPlex 1.09 - Plex Client for E2 (Update: 04.12 2017-06-25

DreamPlex 1.09 - Plex Client for E2 (Update: 04.12

  1. Ferret
    DreamPlex 1.09 - Plex Client for E2 (Update: 04.12.2013)
    possible fix for stop recordings
    bugfix for stored default views
    bugfix for partial seen movies
    bugfix for tvshows partially seen as well :)
    bugfix for cache works again ;-)
    added some messages to server settings
    added postrm, postinst and preinst into control to avoid mixed installations
    bugfix: season numbers are shown correctly
    added grandparenttitle in episodes and seasons and onDeck
    fixed next and previous page
    bugfix in backdrop scrolling
    bugfix in m1v support
    added feature to scroll through the lib. only if you stay on a entry longer than 1 second the - picture and all other data is loaded. feels much faster :)
    bugfix: gs while toogling views
    new function: added m1v support (activate in settings - only if liveTv is off)
    very new skin: Plexi 2.0 (big thx to IPMAN)
    implemented various for multiview (functions to split views into steps to allow skinners more flexibiltiy)
    Thanks to DonDavici

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