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DreamPlex 1.08 - Plex Client for E2 (Update: 28.10 2017-06-25

DreamPlex 1.08 - Plex Client for E2 (Update: 28.10

  1. Ferret
    DreamPlex 1.08 - Plex Client for E2 (Update: 28.10.2013)

    bugfix: in timeline thx to iamwudu
    bugfix: in sections
    bugfix. in navigation
    bugfix: avoid greenscreen on serverDetails with direct local
    bugfix: audio and subtitle selection
    bugfix: new server is saved again when entered via discovery
    bugfix: in serverVersion
    bugfix: avoid gs if picture data is defect
    bugfix: mulituser support new function to determine multiusersupport
    bugfix: picture download working again

    multiskin feature added (only for skinner relevant)
    code cleanups
    added picture cache option
    added ok toggle infobar during playback
    fixed folder filter
    other small tweaks and bugfixes
    tons of code cleanups
    a lot of refactoring

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