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Domica-11 Ferrari-SSl88F-DM800-20150331 OE2.0 2017-06-25

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Domica-11 Ferrari-SSl88F-DM800-20150331 OE2.0

by geisonâ„¢ from

Image based on OpenPli 3.0
Skin: Turbo - small Picon, full Turbo - large Picon
Modified the plugin 'clock' (thanks Sirius0103â„¢) call button HELP

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Connector Weather - go here
find your city, area code in the address bar.
City code replace in string "weather city =" on file /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Converters/
then remove file YWeather.pyo and restart STB

thnx to fairman

patch to added french and arabic laungage

send file to /tmp
and in telnet
opkg install /tmp/*.ipk
download patch

thnx to fairman again for the patch

Click this Link to Download File:
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