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DMS Image v3.5 OE2.5 dm900 2017-06-25

DMS Image v3.5 OE2.5 dm900

  1. burimek
    Update Image 3.5 OE2.5 dm900

    Download settings dal menu-Plugin-oppure dal tasto blu
    Download settings from the menu-Plugin-or the blue button
    Date: 2017-03-08 18:42:06.794219
    Distro: opendreambox 2.5.0
    Drivers: 3.14-1.15-dm900-20170203-r0.0
    Enigma2: 4.3.0r29-r0.1
    Kernel: kernel-image-zimage, kernel-image-3.14-1.15-dm900, kernel-image-zimage-3.14-1.15-dm900 3.14-r0.19
    MD5: db56a171c883f52f309e224695db1490
    Machine: Dreambox DM900
    SHA256: fccfd3712f401b37a28597b79aa9ed2d641e93aa61f6650b1ac198db11cd 8b34


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