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DM800hd openpli 12March2013 by Gjstroom and extras 2017-06-25

DM800hd openpli 12March2013 by Gjstroom and extras

  1. Abu Baniaz
    The image attached is one uploaded by gjstroom on another forum but with a few extras installed by myself. See his notes further down. I am not a coder, you are using this image at your own risk. Base image was 20130312 but I did an online update on 14/03/13 @ 03:10. Any credit for the image should go to him and the authors/contributors of the added plugins. Lraizer,Andyblac, Rat, Mick, Subixonfire, Rogerthis, Digidude, AliAbdul,Coolman,Mfaraj57,Vhannibal and any others who I may have missed out.

    The only minor issue I had was that the HDD showed up as read only. This was fixed by changing file properties using Filezilla and rebooting.

    After flashing image, remove the power lead before switching back on

    I have added the following plugins.

    Lraizer’s Autobouquets 28.2 (Region is currently set to London HD, autorun has not been enabled)
    Rats’ Updater
    BBC Iplayer v3
    ITV player
    CCcam info v1.3c
    Cool TV guide v 6.4
    CrossEPG downloader. (open TV 28.2 enabled)
    NFI image tools for backing up image.
    CCcam 2.21
    Mgcamd 1.35a

    Bouquet loaded is Vhannibal motorised 10/03/13 edited to have 28.2 at top. I have also run AB 28.2 on top of this.

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    Thread Discussion

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  1. Abu Baniaz
    Abu Baniaz
    Version: 2017-06-25
  2. n4cer
    Version: 2017-06-25
    Thanks Abu will try this over weekend